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Down the road a piece 

Why is my company named Scorpion Didgeridoo? 

My zodiac sign is Scorpio: so what better name? My initials are MV: that looks like the sign for the Scorpion. And damn it, I live in the desert and they are here, like I am.

I am retired after having a 38 year career with UPS. In retirement, I am able to work at what gives me pleasure, and I get immense pleasure dedicating my time and talents to creative outlets which involve creation and fabrication.

I have chosen the construction of didgeridoos to be my primary creative and artistic outlet. I am blessed to live in Arizona with its’ beauty and unique environment. From this environment, I harvest Blue Agaves, Agave Americana  after they have completed their life cycle which is approximately 30 years. I cheat the termites of lunch (termites love Agave) but I give the world sound and healing. My mouthpieces are fabricated from mesquite: an incredible dense desert tree.

From my back yard, I can access endless miles of varied terrain. I harvest the agaves ripe for picking, which is a learned skill. I am an inventor that continually strives to improve. My goal is to be the gold standard for blue agaves didgeridoos. When someone tells you, they have a Scorpion Didgeridoo, you know they are serious.


It is worth mentioning why I initially thought about didgeridoos. Simple: sleep apnea.

Interestingly, one of the  reasons to pursue  circular breathing, aside from playing the didgeridoo well,  is to help with sleep apnea.  I am still working on this  breathing technique!


After almost 10 years of exploration in making didges, I find that the excitement is  all about the sound, vibration,  wave lengths, shape, densities, coatings, color, tones and art work. I am proud of all my “children” that  I have created.  They all have  unique qualities, both in sound and in artistic presentation.

What you see, on this web site, comes from my mind. If there is something different that you dream of in a didgeridoo, I can help you turn that into a reality.  I enjoy collaborating  with clients to help them get a specific design they prefer.


Purchasing a didgeridoo can be expensive.  As a person grows in their musical proficiency they may wish to move to another didgeridoo.  When/if you have decided to move to a  different didge, I will give you 65% return credit on didges over $400. I will sell your trade-in at this rebate amount so others down line can benefit.




I love where I live

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