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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mike, why do you suck playing didges?"
    The gods gave me a choice, I could be a world-class player or a world class maker. I chose the latter and have no regrets. I'm still learning slower. My rationalization is for every hundred thousand didju players maybe there's one maker. See, I'm special!
  • Mike, are you really 6 foot 4?"
    No Billy, I am 5 foot five from the chosen race: Italians.
  • How long would it take to make a custom Didgeridoo?
    Days to weeks. Many varibles but text and we can Skype or Zoom or even use a phone.
  • Should i have a problem or concern, can I talk directly with Michael?"
    Yes and I will not sell a didge till we talk. I want you to be my saleperson in the field. That can only happen when you are totally satisfied.
  • How do i define what note I would like.
    There is a really god app called T-1. Listen to Spotify with a playlist that has multiple artist. What is your ear attracted to? It's a start.
  • If I live outside US, can I still order a didge?"
    All things are possible.
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