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Deep Space


Length: 72”

Back Pressure: 9

Note: B first octave 

Resonant Frequency: 62 Hz

Chakra: Crown

Weight: 1695 gm/3.73 lbs

Bell Size 5.5”

Construction/Materials: Blue Agave/Mesquite Wood

Finish Bar: Top Epoxy

Color: Black

Artwork: Deep space/black hole 

Kintsugi Factor: Harvested on Mount Fagin in the Santa Rita,Arizona. Was growing on a hillside that created the curve in shaft. 4700ft elevation. Any bug holes that existed have long been covered up and  forgotten.



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When I made this didge, they had just shown a picture of a black hole. That in itself is mind blowing. I started to think about black holes and the incredible power it exerts on the structures in the universe. And I was thinking, what it would be like to suck galaxies into a black hole and what it would look like. This is the genesis of this didgeridoo. This is my vision of deep space, with gas clouds, globular clusters, spiral galaxies and black holes might look like. What frequency do you think they resonate at? This didgeridoo might just help you see that, being in B note/first octave/crown chakra. Enter the capsule if you dare Major Tom.

Deep Space

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