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Lobo de las Estrellas (Coyote from the stars)


Length: 72 1/2" / 183 cm

Back pressure :8+

Note: D

Resident Frequency: 73

Chakra: Second/Sacral 

Weight: 1930 gm/ 4.25 lbs

Bell Size: 

Construction/Materials: Blue Agave/Mesquite Wood

Finish Bar: Top Epoxy

Color: Red

Artwork: Coyote,glass eye, turquise stones

Kintsugi Factors:  




The stalks for all didges come from the Sonoran Desert Basin around Tucson, Arizona in an elevation over 4000 ft. The harvested agave has passed a selection criteria that determines if the stalk will be a suitable candidate for a potential didgeridoo. Nature has created the raw materials and now I guide the creative process. The boring out starts the process, cleaning off outer protective surfaces, sanding, repair any holes, epoxy coat to inside, tuning, color dye surface, coat outside, turn mesquite mouthpiece on lathe, attach it, second inner coat, art work or inlays and final coat. Please read Factors affecting etc. for more detailed explanation.


My answer to the transportation problem of big didges  was two piece clarinet mount joint. After many attemps, I was never able to.securely join, so it is now permently jioned and is a better incredible didge.. A show piece. 

Lobo de las Estralles (Coyote of the Stars)

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This is an experimental Didge that is 94% complete. If you are interested, we need to communicated. I would guess an aditional 5+ days to resolve technical issues before I'd give a stamp of approval. Viable as it stands but like to clean up system of attachment.