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Length: 86.5"/220cm

Back Pressure:  8-

Note: G/A

Resonant Frequency: 50-52

Chakra:  Throat/Third Eye

Weight:  1930 gm/ 4.25 lbs

Bell Size:

Construction/Materials: Blue Agave, Masquite MP

Finish Bar: Two part bar top epoxy

Color: Green

Artwork: None

Kintsugi Factor:  Lenght, resin filled crack, numerios agave weavel bore holes filled with epoxy.


Well hung didgeridoo coming in at 7'2.5". Get your lips real loose for this 50Htz first octive B. Every collection needs one! I leave the final note to be determined by new owner. Tune to your liking. There is abundant crushed turquoise inlay in cracks. See photos.

Long John

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