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There is no free lunch! I try to provide an honest price for your new didgeridoo and all supporting processes. I could guess what the average cost might be but I’m not here to turn a profit margin on shipping and add it to total cost. You will be charged only shipping cost and nothing more. I will absorb packing and insurance. Maybe there is a free soda.


It is my desire to ship out any order ASAP. My goal is 3 days. This being said, there is a lot to transporting an irregularly shaped package. I also wish to go over any didge to make sure it is in the condition that I am proud of. Safety is paramount. On top of this, I need to make a custom tube made of high density and bursting strength cardboard. Custom PVC cases, as it is impracticable to stock 30+ cases, requires time if needed. Each one is custom shaped, painted with a logo. Making didges is the easy part; the marketing and shipping is whole other thing. This being said, I will be in constant contact with you. We have both waited years for this event. Constant communication without question.

Once you've completed the checkout you'll receive an order confirmation email. If you have any questions after you submit your order feel free to contact me, Contact Us page.
Once the order ships, you'll get an email update with a tracking number. I do it all so everyday is Saturday.



I stand behind my creations 100%. If you are truly dissatisfied within a 7 day period once package is delivered, contact me. It will be your responsibility to return in the same condition you receive the didge in, paying both shipping and insurance. I should hope any chance of this would be avoided with extensive communication and all questions answered before shipping.

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